Why do you focus on The Human Side?

Whole Testament Basics

Why Do You Focus on the Human Side of Things?

Brother Michel Lankford

Question: One of the most common and popular objections to Whole Testament Theology is, “Why do you focus so much on the human side of the equation? Why do you spend so much time and effort focusing on what our human responsibilities are before the Almighty Father? Why don’t you focus more on the Father’s attributes, on YHWH’s blessings, His benefits and His promises? Why don’t you focus more on His Grace? Why don’t you focus more on the atoning power of the blood of Messiah, etc.?

First Answer: Why don’t I focus more on the fun stuff? Because it’s not what the Heavenly Father told me to do. Moreover, it’s NOT what the body and bride of Messiah truly NEEDS; not by a longshot. You can go to almost any biblical ministry out there and you will hear almost nothing except how good and beneficial God is. If you go almost anywhere in modern-day Christendom, you will hear nothing but His promises, His benefits and His blessings. You can go almost anywhere in modern-day Christendom, and all you will hear is the pleasant stuff or the fun stuff. Modern Christendom almost never mentions the hard parts of the gospel. What is sin? What is repentance? What are the consequences if you refuse or if you fail to repent? What is true discipleship? What is the cost of discipleship? How do you count the cost of discipleship? If you refuse to count the cost, or if you refuse to pay the cost of discipleship, what does God and Messiah say are the consequences of those decisions? Dying to self; “Deny yourself, pick up your cross, and follow Messiah, (Matthew 10:38; Matthew 16:24; Luke 14:27).

What does a truly triumphant, victorious and overcoming life in Messiah truly look like? What does it mean to overcome? How do we overcome? What is the cost of overcoming? What are the consequences of refusing or failing to overcome? What are the rewards if we choose to persevere and overcome? You will not hear about these things in most Christian churches today, because these things are difficult, and they are NOT easy. These things require hard work. They are costly, and they are NOT entirely free. These things are painful, and they are NOT comfortable. These things are not always pleasant, but they are REQUIRED in order to make us healthy, thriving, overcoming and productive members of the Eternal Kingdom, and the Father’s Household.

Almost everybody in modern Christendom wants to talk about and receive the blessings and gifts we can receive from the Father, but virtually no one is talking about our accountability and our responsibility before the Almighty Father. I’m focusing on that side because it is the most neglected part of the gospel in modern times.

Second Answer: Why do I focus on the human side of the relationship so much? Because that is the part which is most NECESSARY.

Please think about it eternally and rationally and not emotionally for a moment. In any relationship with YHWH the Almighty Father, YHWH is the constant and the human being is the only variable. Think about it. YHWH Almighty is always 100% righteous and good 100% of the time. He is always 100% faithful. He is 100% true. He is 100% reliable, 100% of the time. YHWH Almighty has already provided everything that I need pertaining to life and godliness, (2 Peter 1:3). No good thing will He withhold from those who walk uprightly, (Psalm 84:11). All of YHWH’s promises are available to believers, (provided we meet His conditions; 2 Corinthians 1:20).
So, if I’m not experiencing a promise, a blessing, a benefit that the Father says in Scripture that He wants me to have, the source of the problem will NEVER be that YHWH Almighty somehow failed to do His job. If I am not receiving the benefits of a biblical promise, the problem will ALWAYS be on the human side of that equation; it will be because somewhere I failed to do my part. He is already perfect. He always does His job perfectly well. If there is a blockage, a hindrance or a brokenness in our relationship, the problem and the solution will always have to be applied on my end of the relationship. I focus on the human side of the relationship, because that’s always where the problems are going to be found, and it’s always on the human side of the relationship that His prescribed solutions need to be applied. I don’t need to supervise YHWH’s side of the equation. I’m the one that needs to be repaired. I focus on the human side of the relationship, because that’s the side of the equation that MUST be changed, in order to Overcome and succeed as a disciple.

Brother Michel Lankford

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