What Makes It Into Heaven

Share this…PrintFacebookTwitterLinkedinBufferStumbleUponTumblrPinterestRedditClick here to find out what you need to do to ensure you will be side by side with the Savior in the heavenly kingdom.   Know what Messiah commanded us! Get all the verses in a downloadable, easy to study PDF form for FREE here!Share this…PrintFacebookTwitterLinkedinBufferStumbleUponTumblrPinterestReddit

Whole Testament Basics

Which “God” Do You Serve?

Share this…PrintFacebookTwitterLinkedinBufferStumbleUponTumblrPinterestRedditWould you willingly deny that YHWH Almighty is God? Would you reject and deny Jesus Christ the Son of God? Would you willingly proclaim and testify that the head of a religious institution had MORE authority over your life than Scripture does? Most devout Christians who love YHWH, who …


Are You a Liar?

Share this…PrintFacebookTwitterLinkedinBufferStumbleUponTumblrPinterestReddit Are you a liar? Of course, our knee-jerk response might be to be offended, and then to shoot back an immediate response. “Of course not! I am not a liar, don’t be ridiculous!!” However, before we respond too quickly, we might be wise to inspect ourselves carefully, and …

Whole Testament Basics

Where I Take My Stand…

Share this…PrintFacebookTwitterLinkedinBufferStumbleUponTumblrPinterestRedditBy Brother R. Michel Lankford   In light of recent debates happening among believers, I feel obliged to outline some basic beliefs which I hold dear, and also point out where in Scripture these beliefs are found. Normally, I do not wish to engage in useless debates. We may …

Whole Testament Basics

Why do you focus on The Human Side?

Share this…PrintFacebookTwitterLinkedinBufferStumbleUponTumblrPinterestRedditWhy Do You Focus on the Human Side of Things? Brother Michel Lankford Question: One of the most common and popular objections to Whole Testament Theology is, “Why do you focus so much on the human side of the equation? Why do you spend so much time and effort …


Why Hyper-Grace Cannot Work

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Brother Michel Testifies

Share this…PrintFacebookTwitterLinkedinBufferStumbleUponTumblrPinterestRedditRevelation 12:11 tells us that we overcome the evil one, by the blood of the Lamb, by the word of our testimony, and by not loving our lives even to death. The biblical life is all about overcoming by learning to obey and apply the Written Word of YHWH …


Whole Testament Questions and Answers…Michel Speaks Bible 2

Share this…PrintFacebookTwitterLinkedinBufferStumbleUponTumblrPinterestRedditWhen we tell someone that we are Whole Testament Disciples, (which means that we believe in practicing the keeping of all of the DOABLE commandments in Scripture), it raises a few eyebrows and elicits quite a few questions. In Part two, (2) of our study series, we dive into …

Whole Testament Basics

W.T.D. Statement of Faith

Share this…PrintFacebookTwitterLinkedinBufferStumbleUponTumblrPinterestRedditBy Brother R. Michel Lankford   Overview of Whole Testament Theology 1.        יהוה Almighty God is God, and He does not change. 2.        We must be changed to agree with יהוה, because יהוה will not change to agree with us. 3.        Jesus of Nazareth (Yeshua) is the Messiah and …

Whole Testament Basics

YHWH Does Not Change

Share this…PrintFacebookTwitterLinkedinBufferStumbleUponTumblrPinterestRedditYHWH Almighty God is Perfect, so He is NOT going to Change Brother Michel Lankford   KEY: YHWH Almighty God is already Perfect. (Deuteronomy 32:4; 2 Samuel 22:31; Psalm 18:30). Understanding the perfection of YHWH is CRITICAL, because when people allow the FALSE belief that YHWH somehow changed His …