Whole Testament Questions and Answers…Michel Speaks Bible 2


When we tell someone that we are Whole Testament Disciples, (which means that we believe in practicing the keeping of all of the DOABLE commandments in Scripture), it raises a few eyebrows and elicits quite a few questions. In Part two, (2) of our study series, we dive into some more Bible Q&A, to answer some of the more prevalent questions that Whole Testament Disciples will often receive. In this second edition, we try to give concise answers to the following common questions:

– What is your favorite Bible translation?

– Is the wearing of tassels and tzit-tzit ONLY intended for men?

– Are all men required to have beards?

-How can we learn to pray effectively?

And much much moreā€¦

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Brother Michel Lankford

Michel Speaks Bible 2


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